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Femme: It's Still Cool

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This community is for *anyone* who identifies as femme. The purpose of the community is for those of us who identify as femme, and our allies, to talk about femme-related issues, such as femmephobia, sexism, heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, able-ism, racism, classism, fatphobia, hotties, identity, makeup, or anything else that interests any given femme. It's up to you.

There is no set definition of femme or femme identity in this community. Femmes can be of any sexuality or gender... queer, straight, boy, girl, transgendered ... you are all welcome here. Please respect the complex nature of femme. If you think Femme is "a girl thing" please think again. Exploring your own femme identity is encouraged; questioning the validity of another's femme identity will net you a warning, and if continued an un-invitation from the community.

The FierceFemmes Community is explicitly *welcoming* to transgender, transsexual and genderqueer femmes. To that end, please read & respect the following primer on trans-friendly language:


Understand the difference between “transsexual” and “transgender”. In the simplest terms, “transsexual” refers to a person who lives, or plans to live, as the gender opposite the one assigned them at birth. Many transsexuals seek out surgeries, hormonal therapies, and legal name changes. Although the term “transgender” was originally intended to describe transsexual people who chose not to have surgery or hormone therapies, and the word was invented by such a person, “transgender” is a term that has come to be used by some people to refer to anyone who “transgresses” gender. By some definitions, this term includes drag performers, genderqueer people, genderfuck people, crossdressers, nongendered people, bigendered people, and intergendered people. Many people who fall under the umbrella "transgender" also seek out surgeries, hormonal therapies, and legal name changes. If you just say “trans” or “tranny”, people won’t know what you’re talking about. Please say what you mean and don’t use shortcuts that cause confusion and frustration.

Never use the prefixes “bio” or “genetic” to differentiate between people who are trans and people who are not trans. For example, never say “I know a girl, she is a bio-female” or “I know this guy, he is a genetic male”. Instead say, “I know a non-trans girl” or “I know a non-trans guy”.

If this seems like too much effort to you, maybe it’s best that you don’t post in this community.

Never use the phrase “female bodied” or “male bodied” to point out that someone is trans. Don’t talk about people’s bodies unless you have their permission. Whether someone is “female” or “male” is something that only that person has the right to decide & discuss. Feel free to call yourself “male bodied” or “female bodied” if you want to. If you are talking about someone else and you want to say that they were labeled female or male at birth and have since then come to identify as a different sex, just say “female assigned” or “male assigned”.

-- taken from www.strap-on.org

We are currently working on creating a femme website because the femme resources on the internet are severely limited and biased towards lesbian femmes in relationships with butches. The world of femmes is far more diverse than that and we want our website to reflect that. If you would like to help, email cixous@graffiti.net or join the fiercefemmes yahoogroup.

The Fierce Femmes Livejournal Community is moderated by on_reserve. Please e-mail or IM with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

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